LETERS TO THE EDITOR - Support Hansell for Oregon state Senate


After several weeks of reading about and thinking about the candidates in the primary election for Oregon Senate District 29, I have come to the conclusion that Bill Hansell will get my vote.

As a long-time volunteer in my church, community and, occasionally, in Umatilla County, I have had several contacts with Mr. Hansell in his role as a county commissioner.

We have not always agreed on every issue. We have been in situations where we looked at the same set of facts, but "weighted" them differently - which sometimes resulted in being on the opposite sides of the final "yes/no" decision to be made.

But that's OK - my wife and I don't agree on every issue either!

It has been my observation that Mr. Hansell thoroughly explores the issues before him and never forgets he represents every citizen of the county as he strives to find the "balance" that leads to good governmental decisions. That is what I would expect from him as an Oregon state senator ... and why he'll get my vote.

Ed Chesnut



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