LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Bob Cannon has experience to be sheriff


Much has been said about Bob Cannon's qualifications for Umatilla County sheriff. Bob's experience provides a wealth of expertise that makes him an exceptional candidate.

Bob is an intelligent, articulate and conscientious leader. He has the strongest occupational experience of all the candidates. Bob is enthusiastically seeking election, and when elected will be an immeasurable benefit to our Sheriff's Office. It's not about who has posted the most or even the biggest signs, it's about who will do the best job. That person is Bob Cannon.

Bob has made the strongest effort during this campaign. Bob participates in all the forums the candidates are invited to attend and then some, Bob has made it a point to go door to door to meet residents face to face and hear their concerns.

Another great accomplishment I would like to mention is Bob has received the endorsement from the Oregon State Police Association in both Morrow and Umatilla counties. Bob is also supported by a majority of local law enforcement officers and agency heads.

In a past letter John Fults stated that the Umatilla County Law Enforcement Association does not support current Undersheriff Terry Rowan. That is very concerning. He has held that position for seven years and his peers don't support him? That is a huge red flag. What do they know that we don't?

Another concern is Oregon DPSST certification of the candidates. Humphrey does not have his certification and hasn't for 15 years. Rowan only has his advanced certification after being in a supervisor position. Why? Bob Cannon has his supervisory certificate as a qualified supervisor should!

So many letters have stated that Terry has not played a part in how the Sheriff's Office is currently run. What has he been doing this whole time? I'm not sure about everyone else's thoughts. However, as a taxpayer, I thought the duties of the undersheriff were to partner with the sheriff and work hand in hand actively participating in implementing strategies aimed at achieving the goals of the Sheriff's Office.

Now Rowan is throwing John Trumbo, his number one supporter, under the bus in the East Oregonian article. Rowan is quoted saying, "John is running a dictatorship," yet Rowan has stuck around for seven years and supported this?

It is most definitely time for a change, please vote wisely and vote Bob Cannon for our county's next sheriff.

Brandi Dunlap



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