LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Judge Redden got it right


You said several things that make no sense in your recent editorial about Judge Redden coming out of the closet as a dam breacher.

"What about the flooding that would occur?" you ask. What do you have in mind for these run-of-river dams? These dams serve no flood control purpose dead or alive.

"The loss of irrigation water?" you ask. Again, what do you have in mind for these dams that have no irrigation storage function? OK. They raise the level of the river water so that irrigator's pumps are at a higher elevation. Big deal. When the dams are gone, put the pump intakes lower into the river. The same amount of water will flow past the pumps regardless of whether these dams are dead or alive.

What about "The added traffic to the roadways as grain and other products could no longer be barged?" you ask. Use rail. If the added traffic degrades the roads, fix them.

And finally, "What about the devastation of the Pacific Northwest's economy?" you ask. You may think Walla Walla is the center of the Northwest's economy but it isn't. Removing lower Snake dams is an opportunity to upgrade the economy of the Northwest.

Fisherman love real rivers and will pay to fish for big fish in real rivers. The economy will be better without the dams. Furthermore dam removal would help solve the overgeneration problem the wind turbine folks face each spring. Less hydro generation would allow them to generate to their hearts content.

Judge Redden got it right. There is no solution to the Snake River salmon decline short of dam removal. Face this fact. Then let's put together mitigation strategies that will put a smile on the faces of wheat growers, barge users and power users.

Reed Burkholder



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