LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Little Theatre's 'The Hobbit' well worth seeing


On April 27 I attended the opening night gala of Little Theatre's "The Hobbit."

What a special evening! It started with the finger food attractively displayed at the social. I enjoyed the most amazing flavors. My favorite was the puff pastry with herb cheese and a thin slice of pear inside baked to melt-in-my-mouth perfection - heavenly. Well done!

Then the play began. Little Theatre, your actors and all the supporting staff it took to successfully pull off "The Hobbit," put on an incredible performance. I'm always excited to see the creative vision of the artists who prepare the set.

The set took us from BagEnd to the Misty Mountains to Mirkwood Forest to a dungeon and to Lonely Mountain and Smaug's Lair, helping us believe the actors were there! The costumes, the imaginative masks, the wigs and beards - I don't think I've ever seen so much hair on so many cast members!

I had heard of The Hobbit, but I was not familiar with the story. What a story it is! Walla Walla, there is still a chance through May 12 to enjoy the excellent community talent featuring nearly 30 actors who are showcased on this stage.

I am never disappointed when attending plays at the Little Theatre, but tonight I was bowled over by the performance and by everything it took to create it successfully. Kudos to all involved. You should all be extremely proud.

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

Carol Smith

Walla Walla


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