LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Praise for our hard-working youths


Some hard-working youths in our community deserve high praise for their good works.

Two local 4-H groups, "Ranch and Home" and "Dry Creek 4-H Club," came to Pioneer Park Aviary recently on two different occasions. They rolled up their sleeves and pitched in pruning, raking, shoveling, cleaning, weeding, spreading bark and carrying large loads of limbs. Between the two groups, comprised of enthusiastic youths of all ages along with their leaders and participating parents, they performed approximately 100 hours of community service. Their labor beautified the facility, which in turn benefits visitors and the 200 birds who reside at the aviary - not to mention the very appreciative and grateful caretaker. I'm thankful for their interest in the aviary, choosing it to be the recipient of their industrious labors.

Not too long ago a group of elementary students in Dixie turned their creative abilities into works of art by painting the fire hydrants around their town. On my daily commute a colorful hydrant right by the road never fails to brighten my day.

A couple of terrific examples of how young adults right here, right now are contributing ... what assets they are!

Joanna Lanning

Walla Walla


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