LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Who are the people?


I am sick of hearing candidates declare they represent "the people" - as if the people who hold their views are the only people in America. Actually, any politician represents only some of the people.

Curiously, people who disagree with them don't seem to count as people, yet corporations and political action committees have been given legal protections and rights intended for "the people" of our nation.

I was astounded at how many times members of the Supreme Court, hearing testimony on the Obama administration's health-care plan, asked about the effect it would have on insurance companies. (See "The New Yorker," April 9, p. 22.) I wonder if any of them voiced a concern for the effect it would have on the needy people.

Having great wealth does not make one a bad person. But it provides access to those who have the power to shape laws to favor the wealthy, the kind of access and power that "ordinary" Americans most definitely do not have. Their voices are drowned out by those who have the megaphones of money, and I very rarely hear those megaphones calling for helping those who need a hand up. No wonder there is so much apathy among potential and actual voters. Why bother?

I am totally perplexed by those who oppose raising taxes on, or closing loopholes that favor, the extremely wealthy - as if they need someone to stand up for them! Such people bandy about the concept of fairness, but somehow what is fair for poor people is of little account.

We have become a government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich. Is that really what we want? Can anything be done about it?

Dolores Klinsky Walker

Walla Walla


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