LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Why didn't Rep. Walsh mention gay marriage?


I received my "Legislative Reports" from Sen. Mike Hewitt and Rep. Maureen Walsh yesterday. I read through both with interest.

I noticed something odd about Mrs. Walsh's report. On page three of the report, she boasts about the bills she sponsored and/or backed with her vote.

However, I found nothing about the bill she sponsored and voted for dealing with gay marriages in our state. Nothing on page three, or any other page for that matter.

You would think that leading the legislative charge and voting for a bill that changed the very social structure of our state would dominate an entire page of her report.

Just think on the skillful, political parleying that must have taken place on her part in order to change the very definition of marriage, a cornerstone of our nation for 200 years.

Wouldn't you think her constituency would like to know about that?

Richard Eagon

Walla Walla


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