Letters To The Editor - Who will protect America?


Why are we allowing the front groups such as CAIR, ISNA, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Black Panthers to rule our nation? As we stand right now our nation is morally, financially and spiritually bankrupt.

The president and his Cabinet are inviting people in groups such as CAIR, ISNA and the Muslim Brotherhood into his circle and into our White House. How can we have the Muslim Brotherhood sitting on committees as important as our Security Committee as advisors?

Because the Muslim Brotherhood complained the terrorism training materials in the military and other security forces have been scrapped. Why, these people are murderers, terrorists and want to kill all Americans and Israelis.

With the Clinton administration this began in earnest. But don't kid yourself, Bush had his hand in all this also. House Bill 5026 was introduced into Congress and was passed. But when it got to the Senate it was killed. This bill would have protected Americans from an EMP attack.

But the senator from Alaska helped to destroy it.

Then-Sen. Obama touted border security against all terrorists. But look at him today on the U.S. border with Mexico. Agents have found passports, prayer rugs and Islamic books that are in Arabic in the Arizona desert. Our government is hiding information from the American public.

Our president has sided with the Middle East, instead of the United States of America and upholding our Constitution. When he took office he promised to protect America and the Constitution.

Retired Lt. Gen. Boykin, Diane Roark, a reporter, and former NSA officials such as Tom Drake, Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe have stated President Obama is failing at his promise. Do we citizens of such a great country have a chance of winning?

Yes, we can because we believe in a higher power. We believe in Jesus as the only way to salvation in God. We are willing to give up everything to take care of each other and we know God wins in the long run.

We have to get out and vote these people who are against us, such as this president, out of office. We have to get out and vote or we may lose our country. You may not think your vote will matter but it does. This election could be the most important in our country's history. Register and vote please.

Lydia Whipple

Walla Walla


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