Ice-Burg hopes new menu brings them to the yard


The Ice-Burg Drive-In is shaking up its dessert menu.

Walla Walla's venerable burger stand at 616 W. Birch St. has added eight new milkshake flavors: bacon, bubblegum, cheesecake, cotton candy, maple, passion fruit, pia colada and salted caramel.

The new additions bring the total number of milkshake flavors at the Ice-Burg to 37, said owner Ron Coleman. The flavors can be mixed into "any combination imaginable," he said in a brief announcement.

Inspection staff at the Walla Walla Joint Community Development Agency have changed their schedules for the summertime construction season.

For more than a month, field inspection staff have been available for inspections starting at 7 a.m. At least one inspector is also available until 5 p.m. during weekdays.

The change is designed to better accommodate contractors during optimum daylight working hours. The one-hour adjustment will change back in the fall. For more information on inspections call 524-4710.

Walla Walla's state leaders kept small business at heart during the 2011-12 Legislature, according to the National Federation of Independent Business.

Sen. Mike Hewitt, R-Walla Walla, and Reps. Maureen Walsh, R-Walla Walla, and Terry Nealey, R-Dayton have been recognized by the organization as "Guardians of Small Business" because of their voting records.

"It's easy to say you support small business, but it is a far different thing to actually vote with small business when faced with pressure from Big Labor, Big Business and other advocates of Big Government," said NFIB/Washington State Director Patrick Connor in a prepared statement.

The three elected officials were among 62 Washington lawmakers recognized for their pro-business positions. They were scored based on 10 votes taken in the state House of Representatives and Senate.

A small-business voting record of 80 percent or greater was required to achieve "Guardian" status. All three local leaders had voting records of 100 percent, according to the NFIB announcement.

A description of the bills or amendments considered and how each lawmaker voted is available at

A $500 grant from Bank of America to Junior Club of Walla Walla will be used to provide two scholarships to women this year.

The grant was awarded through the bank's Volunteer Grants Program. The Bank of America Charitable Foundation provides grants of up to $500 to eligible charitable organizations selected by its employees.

Bank of America employees volunteer thousands of hours to various causes each year. In recognition of that, the company honors them by awarding grants to the causes of their choosing.

This particular grant was requested by Colby Burke, senior vice president of online marketing for Bank of America and president of Junior Club of Walla Walla. Burke provided nearly 200 hours of volunteer time in 2011 in support of the nonprofit and its core projects.

The organization serves several programs, such as Books for Babes, the YWCA, Walla Walla Community Hospice, Habitat for Humanity, Friends of Children of Walla Walla and the Herring House, and provides scholarship funds for local women.

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