Etcetera - 05/11/12


The headline "Housewives Lead in City's Registered Voter Analysis" from a September 1936 issue of the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin caught the eye of Walla Walla resident Joe Drazan, a retired Whitman College librarian.

He found the story while browsing through old copies of the paper.

In the article, Ray Appling, city clerk at the time, said most registered voters in the city are accounted for in five classifications through a compilation he assembled.

Broken down, the 7,418 registered voters as of March 6, 1936, were listed in the top categories by classification, number and percent: housewives and domestics, 2,519, 34 percent; mercantile, 1,542, 20; laborers, 1,206, 16; building trades and mechanics, 669, 9; and professional, 479, 6, tallying 6,445 and 85 percent.

Breaking it down even further, laborers added up to 1,206; office employees, stenographers and bookkeepers, 368; merchants, 359; phone employees, 54; saleswomen and men and clerks, 815; dentists and physicians, 73; nurses, 86; teachers, 213; students, 284; ministers, 32; miscellaneous professions, 41; retired, 245; blacksmiths, mechanics and truck drivers, 365; contractors, carpenters, painters, plasterers and brick-masons, 245; plumbers, electricians and sheet metal workers, 89; railroad employees, 168; peace officers, penitentiary guards and firemen, 88; gardeners, stockmen and farmers, 268; and barber and beauty shop operators, 81.

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