LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Cannon will crack down on meth


Undercover boss? Bob Cannon is like someone in the TV show "Undercover Boss." He has done all of the jobs pertaining to the Umatilla County Sheriff's Office.

He brings an experienced and connected face with a new frugal, common-sense set of eyes. Please support the frugal, hard working candidate for Umatilla County Sheriff.

Bob is tough. He will stand up strong to the meth drug dealers. He will step up in Umatilla County when it comes to meth consequences.

Bob will address the meth problem.

If one moves to Umatilla County because of a job, but gets murdered by a brain on meth, we've got a problem. If one neighbor can't help another neighbor who is being abused by a brain on meth and then gets murdered, we've got a problem.

Any brain on meth will turn into a monster.

Meth takes away all character from a person. We have to elect someone who has the guts to make change in the attitude toward drug runners and dealers.

Bob Cannon wants our county meth free.

Laura Minthorn



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