LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Why not protest Dan Savage?


Recently several letters have condemned Rush Limbaugh for his pathetic comments. I agree with those letters.

However, a letter by Ms. Elliot calling for him to be protested and taken off the radio I do not agree with. If people are insistent on removing offensive people from the public, I have a suggestion.

Could we agree that Dan Savage needs to be banned from speaking in public schools? He travels around America speaking in high schools about tolerance and respect for all, which is very admirable, but he is a complete hypocrite. This is the person who, in front of students, went on an anti-Christian tirade including calling the Bible "bull" several times.

When dozens of students began walking out, he mocked them and called them "pansy-asses." He explained that he has no problem profanely insulting Christian kids because Christians hate him and he wants to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Could we not agree that it is one thing to mock an individual over the radio and something far worse to profanely insult students to their faces in their own school? This is also the gentleman who on TV stated that "all Republicans should f die" and joked about Mormon girls using vulgar sexual references. Pretty nasty guy.

The amazing thing is he is heavily promoted by the White House, including personal videos from President Obama, Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi, and has his own section on the Whitehouse.gov website.

Maybe those such as Ms. Elliot should "rush" to get Mr. Savage off the official presidential website before trying to ban someone from the radio.

Dave Kennell

Walla Walla


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