Letters To The Editor - Two choirs make beautiful music together


The Park Plaza choir has been performing for more than a year. From the beginning the choir has wanted to include some young adults to perform with us.

A few months ago the director of after-school activities at Lincoln High, Jeremy Gradwohl, approached us and wanted to include its choir with Park Plaza and give a performance for the community.

For the past few month the students have been coming to Park Plaza twice a week for an hour each day to practice for this performance. We will be performing for the school district soon so it can observe what these young people have accomplished.

This endeavor has definitely been a challenge for both groups, but we made it and we are so proud.

Our group will performing on June 6 at the China Pavilion at the Community College. I'd like to invite the public to come out and hear and see what can happen when two groups are willing to think outside the box and are coming together to form some wonderful entertainment. Don't miss it.

Evelyn Gibson

Walla Walla


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