Letters To The Editor - Shakespeare WW, Powerhouse Theatre valuable


Recently, more than 160 Milton-Freewater students participated in a week-long residency with two visiting Shakespeare actors, both of whom interacted incredibly well with our students.

Through engaging activities and instrumental background knowledge, our students were more than prepared for the culminating activity: a trip to the Powerhouse Theatre where students not only watched "The Tempest" but actively participated in the exceptional performance.

At the end of the performance, actors sat on stage and answered questions from students. Students were excited to meet these professional actors who hailed from all over the United States, all while igniting a tremendous passion for Shakespeare.

Our students walked away with a wealth of knowledge, a love for live theater, and they cannot wait to watch and even read more of Shakespeare's plays!

Brenda Thomas and I commend all involved for this incredible experience and encourage our communities to embrace this empowering resource.

"We are such stuff as dreams are made on. . ." (The Tempest Act V, Scene I).

Tori Banek



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