LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Area doesn't need Boise residents telling us what to do with dams


Here we go again - some nerd from Boise telling us what we should do. I do wonder where they get all their information.

All of the dams on the lower Snake River were constructed to provide power and water storage. The Snake River dams were never constructed with the idea of flood control, they were, however, to control volume flow during different times of the year so the water availability is equal all year long.

The dams also provide deep-water navigation for the barge traffic. Since when are the barge companies subsidized?

In Clarkston there is a complete industry that depends on deep-water navigation to move its products. This industry also contributes directly to Idaho's job market and prosperity.

Flooding Lewiston from silt buildup - ever hear of dredging? And if my memory is correct Lower Granite Dam was moved downstream to lower the water level in the Lewiston area and beyond.

What water are you talking about that Idahoans would have to release.

And please explain how you will hoard your water. I thought the idea of dam removal was to aid salmon migration, so if you hoard your water what are the salmon to do - walk?

I spent 10 years up and down the Columbia and Snake rivers with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. So I do know something about why the dams were constructed and the future use of water storage and power production.

The dams provided what was necessary to expand and control water storage, produce power and in doing so the overall economy was able to grow.

Last but not least - remove Lucky Peak Dam on the Boise River and let 'er buck.

Also, the Dworshak Dam is for power, water storage and flood control - this dam, for your information, is in Idaho.

Rex Miller

College Place


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