LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - It's time for Alaska Airlines to step to plate


Enough already! Some basic questions need to be answered by Alaska Airlines before the Port of Walla Walla Commission and other community organizations make any additional firm offers intended to ensure that future air services will remain available on Alaska out of Walla Walla with a schedule beneficial to the community.

How much is the airline losing annually under the current arrangement?

What action, if any, is the airline willing to take to reduce its future operating costs?

How much additional revenue is required annually, either through an increase in the number of passengers and/or reduction in operating fees, to make it economically feasible to continue service acceptable to the community?

Simply reducing airport operations fees and other solutions being considered without answers to these questions is like pouring money down a rat hole without guarantees from the airline if the community does its part.

It appears that one member of the commission would consider making further concessions to Alaska simply because "Alaska executives appear to sincerely want to serve the community."

Commissioner Dunning is absolutely right in expecting Alaska to do its part by providing some guarantees if the community does its part.

The fact that Alaska does benefit financially by profits gained through connecting flights made in Seattle should not be overlooked during any negotiations.

Meanwhile, Airport Manager Skoglund's suggestion of "getting in touch with other airlines" needs to be implemented before making any further financial committments to Alaska.

Bob Hysell

Walla Walla


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