LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Cesar Chavira started chain of events


I have read with interest the front-page article in the U-B May 22 regarding the "Protesters call for justice." This crowd marched up and down Isaacs Avenue calling out for justice to be served for Cesar H. Chavira.

Well, it seems to me that justice was served. Mr. Chavira broke into the home and business of John Saul and was committing a burglary when Mr. Saul confronted him and eventually shot him.

If the protesters want justice, tell their children and relatives not to break into other people's businesses and homes to rob them. Tell them to get a job. Tell them crime does not pay. Tell them if you are dumb enough to commit a crime then you will pay the consequences.

The protesters can say whatever they want, but Mr. Chavira started the chain of events that resulted in his death. Don't blame Mr. Saul, blame Mr. Chavira.

Al Conetto

Walla Walla


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