LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Shooting occurred during a crime


May 22's U-B article titled "Protesters call for justice" was an eye- opener for me. I read and re-read the article many times trying to understand how this tragedy has unfolded and continues to unfold. Here are my thoughts as a victim of crime being an average citizen.

It is very clear that Camerina Alejandre loved her son and misses him. This poor woman has to deal with the fact her son is gone forever and as she stated "a belt buckle can be replaced, Cesar's life will not." My heart goes out to her for her loss as I cannot comprehend how horrible it would be to lose a child.

The U-B stated there were about 130 protesters who marched and chanted slogans like "what do we want?" Justice " When do we want it?" Now.

Where were all of these people when Cesar H. Chavira was committing crimes? Where were they when he was getting gang-related tattoos? Why did these 130 people not sit Chavira down and tell him crime does not pay? If you want a belt buckle, work hard, save your money and buy one?

John Saul was the victim of robbery and home invasion. He awoke to breaking glass in the middle of the night. It was reported in the U-B that his store has been broken into before and as a previous victim he made the decision to protect himself and his property. I have no idea what was going through his mind when he confronted the burglar, but I know I would have been scared to death the criminal had a gun and/or accomplices.

I believe Saul acted well within his rights as the victim to protect himself and his home from invasion and burglary

I have to believe Chavira was well aware of the dangers of committing crimes. It would be nave for anyone to think that breaking into a business, home or even car would not be extremely dangerous. Most of the time the criminals get away with their crime without being shot, in this instance, Chavira was shot while he was committing the crime.

As for justice, I am an average citizen who has been the victim of crime. I am sad a young man's life was cut short over belt buckles, but it was a conscious decision on Chavira's part to break into a store with intent to steal from the store. He made this decision as an adult and paid the ultimate price.

In my opinion, justice has been served.

John Freeman

Walla Walla


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