LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Walla Walla drivers disappoint


Walla Walla disappointed me a little Sunday afternoon. In the six years that I lived in Walla Walla and in the 25 years since I moved away, during which I have returned at least twice a year to visit family and friends, I've always thought of Walla Walla as being a town where folks are a bit nicer, friendlier and more thoughtful than they sometimes are in big cities.

But Sunday afternoon more than half a dozen people acted even more thoughtlessly and selfishly than the people I see every day in Southern California.

A young girl, perhaps 10 to 12 years old, was standing on the edge of a curb directly in front of a pedestrian crosswalk on Second Avenue, just a few blocks south of downtown.

I slowed to a stop to allow her to cross, but I was the only one who did. At least six or seven cars passed in the other direction and I could see clearly that many of the drivers actually glanced over at that girl. But none would stop. One or two of them even seemed to speed up, perhaps to avoid having to be the one "inconvenienced." And after a couple of seconds the car behind me honked, impatient at being forced to wait.

Fortunately the young girl was able to run across the street after the cars had passed.

I know this group of drivers may not represent all drivers in Walla Walla, but if any of them is reading his, please stop and think - what if that had been your daughter?

Mark Horsman

Riverside, Calif.


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