LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Advocating for dam removal is civic responsibility


Rex Miller Sr. (U-B, May 18) says with regards to Snake Rivers salmon that I should "butt out and worry about Idaho."

Taking care of Idaho is what I am doing when I advocate for the removal of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dams downstream of Idaho. The salmon runs I am trying to help spend their early months in Idaho streams and rivers and return to Idaho's streams and rivers as adults to spawn.

These runs have been nearly destroyed by the eight Corps of Engineers dams and reservoirs between Idaho and Portland.

Mr. Miller Sr. also says "what right does Mr. Burkholder, living in Boise, have to tell us how and what we should do with our dams ..."

He may think these are his dams, but they aren't. They're federal dams, built with public money on a public river. Since they have harmed my state, it is my civic responsibility to advocate for their removal.

Reed Burkholder



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