Crime can have dreadful consequences


I want to make it clear that I find no joy in the death of Cesar Chavira. It's sad that a young man is dead.

No doubt his family and friends are dealing with sorrow that can't be measured. No one should mock their grief.

No one should be making racist comments aimed at Hispanics. If this is happening, it needs to stop.

But it works both ways. There have been nasty remarks and comments aimed at John Saul and those who support him. It needs to stop.

I've known John Saul for many years. I've never heard him speak ill of anyone. He's always been a soft spoken, quiet, humble man. He works long hours to run his business, and he minds his own business. He's known to be fair and honest.

John isn't mean-spirited -- he's never gone looking for a fight -- and he's certainly not racist!

In the wee hours of the morning, Cesar Chavira forced his way into John Saul's store. Chavira damaged property, opting to steal merchandise rather than coming in during business hours to buy what he wanted.

The man who cared so much for his family should have been home with his family, not out in the dark breaking into what is not only John's store, but his home as well. John worked hard all day. He should have been able to go to bed to get a well-deserved rest.

Instead, his rest was shattered because Chavira decided he had the right to take what he wanted.

Those who condemn John Saul should put themselves in his place. Can anyone honestly say that, if confronted the way John was, they wouldn't have taken the same action? I can't say I wouldn't.

Chavira put himself in a bad position. Perhaps he didn't think he'd be challenged. Maybe he just didn't care that stealing is a crime. Crime often has dreadful consequences.

Roberta Bardsley
Walla Walla


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