Boil-water order in place in Athena


ATHENA — A boil-water order is now in place after the city’s water system was possibly breached on Thursday.

According to Counselor of Public Works Carol Speed, a contractor for an Oregon Department of Transportation project failed to properly close a connection to a city line prior to opening the water pipe.

The result was water spewing out on Main Street and a significant drop in pressure, Speed said.

Oregon state requires a boil water order and testing as precautionary measures whenever there is a significant drop in pressure.

The drop in water pressure occurred Thursday afternoon; the boil-water order went into effect Friday.

Speed could not answer why it took a day to initiate the order, but added she would look into the matter.

Results from water tests are expect tonight.

Until the results are known, residents on the city’s water system should boil water for at least one-minute and then let it cool before using it for any potable purposes, including brushing your teeth.


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