Cowan and Inslee will represent us all


I want to applaud the U-B for its well-reasoned endorsement of Rich Cowan.

This country desperately needs the kind of representatives who have that rare combination of outstanding experience as CEO of a very successful business and the compassion and understanding and integrity of an Eagle Scout. Rich was both and he has those qualities.

He will be able to work with and not against Washington's respected leaders in the U.S. Senate and in Olympia.

I have spoken with our current representative -- when I was able to find her in our Washington (and she is not a bad person) -- and she is not someone who represents us. She is all about supporting the destruction of our country going on in the other Washington because she has no ideas of her own.

She just votes as her failed leadership tells her to. Washington's future can be bright if we don't cling to the failed policy of "everything for the few," whose lobbyists fill the coffers of a corrupt Congress.

With Jay Inslee, and not Rob McKenna, as governor in Olympia and Rich Cowan representing the people of our state in Washington, D.C., the path to a better future for us all can begin this year.

David Higgins

Walla Walla


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