Cowan has vision and leadership skills


What makes Rich Cowan the best choice to become our representative in Congress?

He has been a successful Spokane business owner, which gives him a clear understanding of how to create high-paying jobs for our district. He has expressed an interest in strengthening the energy, aerospace and agricultural sectors of our economy to create good sustainable jobs.

As part of his vision for 21st century job creation, he supports schools that meet the challenge of this new century. This includes a focus on getting resources to local schools, community colleges and the university system.

Innovative job creation starts with great schools that train the next generation of workers. As part of his commitment to job creation, Rich also understands that agriculture is a critical piece of the Eastern Washington economy and needs continued support from Congress.

Rich also understands that a strong and reliable infrastructure is key to building our economy. It makes good economic sense to ensure that bridges, roads and rail service are secure for the future of Eastern Washington.

Without a secure and reliable transportation system, goods, services and people can't move freely, which is critical to continued economy growth.

Finally, Rich supports a strong and sustainable Social Security system. He is also committed to Medicare as we know it -- meaning he does not support the Ryan plan (supported by McMorris Rodgers) to turn Medicare into a voucher system.

Rich realizes the issues facing this country and Eastern Washington are huge. However, he believes Congress has a role to play in reaching the goal of a growing and prosperous Eastern Washington.

He has the vision and leadership skills to make a difference and therefore I recommend a vote for Rich Cowan in the upcoming election.

Mary Lou Yocum

Walla Walla


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