Election should be about leadership


The presidential election should predominately come down to the most critical factor, which candidate has the best leadership ability.

If you look throughout history, civilizations have prospered under strong leadership and fallen under poor leadership. Some leaders had to overcome significant differences in cultures, religious beliefs, languages and even centuries of hatred and distrust between people.

Gen. Eisenhower is a prime example of someone who had to overcome these tremendous obstacles during World War II. I marvel how Attila the Hun united more than 300,000 warriors of various Germanic tribes with the objective of laying siege to Rome

The Huns were hated and feared by all of the barbarians, but Attila successfully united these various tribes. After accomplishing such a tremendous objective, it was only two decades after his death that the Huns disappeared from history.

Our president appointed a 12-member "Super Committee" with the task of reducing the federal deficit. This small committee of experienced politicians completely failed to achieve its objective.

If the president was a strong leader, then would he have accepted failure? What would have been the reaction of a proven strong leader, such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt or Franklin Roosevelt?

What would have been the reaction of MacArthur, Patton or Rommel if this committee was made up of their respective generals? What would have been the reaction of Vince Lombardi if these were his coaches? Or, Jack Welch if this was his General Electric executive committee?

Let's journey into history and consider other proven leaders. What would have been the outcome of this committee if they reported to Ramses, Xerxes, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan or Charlemagne? They probably would have all been beheaded. Failure was unacceptable by these great leaders.

Besides the small committee that was a failure, our current 535 members of Congress are completely dysfunctional. Would a strong leader tolerate a dysfunctional Senate, court, parliament, team meeting, war room or corporate executive team, etc.?

If the president cannot successfully lead a small committee, unite a relative small group of politicians, how do you expect him to lead over 300 million people of the most prosperous nation on Earth, lead us in a time of war or provide leadership to the rest of the world.

Allen Penrose

Walla Walla


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