Gay marriage doesn't unravel society


This whole marriage equality debate has me flabbergasted. After getting a sex change in 2007, I married my sweetheart and immediately started looking around for evidence of our deleterious effect on society.

So far all of the heterosexual marriages around us seem fine! I'd have thought that the mere presence of our unorthodox marriage license would have brought down at least a dozen shaky couples by now.

And yet, children in our neighborhood seem no more likely to become gay or transsexual from our presence, dogs and cats haven't magically begun shacking up together, nor have the categories of man and woman lost all meaning.

Those individuals proselytizing against Referendum 74 have some explaining to do, because I would know if marriage equality had the power to unravel all of American culture, and apparently, it doesn't!

Perhaps we should just go ahead and vote to approve Referendum 74.

Everett Maroon

Walla Walla


Townie 2 years, 8 months ago

I am a friend of Everett's and I have been waiting for my own marriage to dissolve since he and his wife moved to town. It has been extremely stressful for me, as you might imagine. If marriage isn't always and forever about two differently sexed bodies submitting themselves to state regulation, what are my husband and I doing?! What will hold our marriage together!?

As it turned out, I needn't have worried. My husband and I still love each other; Everett and his wife still love each other. The world still spins in the right direction. Phew! We dodged a serious bullet!

Married people of Washington: fear not! Upholding the right to equal marriage will not bring about instant ruin for us all. I can testify to it.


Kevconpat 2 years, 8 months ago

Our life had been enhanced by our chance meeting of Everett and his wife on a sunny day at Farmer's Market 5 years ago. They opened 'up' to us right away and with that our friendship began! Funny how some people accept those for who they are, while others look for anything to degrade those they are uncomfortable with. I would caution them that bigotry cannot be hid behind their 'Christian Values'... One size fit's All. True Christian and other believers never have to prove their way into your life. They just are. Who would you rather have in your family or as a friend? Everett who lives and loves life, or One who tell's you how and why to live life- so long as it is there way. Seems the answer is easy.


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