Get the facts about McKenna's budget straight


The Jay Inslee campaign had to go all the way to Arlington to find someone to write a letter to our local Walla Walla paper in favor of Inslee. Was it because itcouldn't find someone who would quote incorrect facts about Rob McKenna's budget plan in Walla Walla?

Let's keep the facts straight. McKenna's budget plan doesn't cut off home health-care workers.

This is just another example of the misleading statements advanced by Inslee and his organized labor allies who don't want state government to live under a balanced budget.

I am voting for the candidate who is working for the people by planning for and living with a balanced budget.

Sheryl Cox

Walla Walla


oneStarman 3 years ago

TEABAG McKiller - Not Right for Washington


Iopine 3 years ago

I guess the only people that really want Inslee are the people that receive that union paycheck and are waived from this atrocious Obamacare.


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