It is really about the party platforms


I really think that for all of the drama in this election campaign, it's really just about the value platforms of Democrats and Republicans. The person who leads the charge in any organization is, after all, just another part of the organization.

There are plenty of emotional reactions and misunderstandings between those who subscribe to either platform against the other. Most of those misunderstandings are due to the style by which either party attains its goals, which are actually ... the same: Peace, prosperity, promise and fair opportunity to all.

There have been so many political ads that are simply rhetoric opposing the other guy, that I have trouble seeing what this guy has going on that's better! Instead of well-thought-out presentations to prove that you are the best candidate for the job at hand, we are seeing something that looks like playground politics. Bullying, name-calling, tattle-telling and pouting while decrying the unfairness to the general listenership isn't any different from the cradle to the grave -- and your mother taught you better!

Get over the screaming, emotion-filled tirades.

Look past the speeches that don't outline the candidates' qualifications or clear plans for doing the job starting next year. When there's no real information in the speech -- check character of the speaker!

After all, when it comes down to it the candidate is only the torch bearer of the party. The representative for the party is only there because of trust that the plans of that party will be supported.

Therefore, the candidate is merely a representative of the political platform of values they represent -- plus their personal character.

Cheryl Van Donge

Walla Walla


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