McMorris Rodgers' priorities are our priorities


I have had enough of these letters attacking Cathy McMorris Rodgers. I understand that we have legitimate differences about how we believe government should function. But these letters that spread lies and hatred towards our elected officials are downright unpatriotic.

In her Oct. 15 letter, Mary Lou Yocum foisted multiple untruths on the readers of the U-B. Mrs. Yocum accuses Cathy of misrepresenting the mission of Planned Parenthood. That is simply not the case.

Cable news might have done this, but Cathy did not. It’s worth noting Planned Parenthood does commit about 300,000 abortions per years and there are many people — even those who are pro-choice (as I am) — who find it objectionable that taxpayer dollars should go an organization that does commit such an incredible number of abortions.

Furthermore, to accuse Cathy of causing the U.S. credit to be downgraded is downright absurd. Let’s be frank, the U.S. credit rating was downgraded because Congress and the president didn’t cut spending enough. Yes, in the past both parties have been a part of the spending problem — Cathy freely admits this. The difference is now Cathy and the Republicans fought to cut spending, while Obama and the Democrats tried to stop them every step of the way.

Cathy is a truly excellent representative. She is a public servant who is attentive to the needs of all her constituents. Of course, there will always be some Democrats who long for the “glory days” when Tom Foley held the seat for 30 years.

Yes, Cathy is a Republican. She believes we should lower the burden of federal regulations so that people can get the country moving again. She believes in the Eastern Washington she grew up in.

The Eastern Washington that let her become the first in her family to go to college, and then — through hard work and collaborative effort — become the highest ranking woman in the U.S. House of Representatives.

We can be proud of Cathy. She has shown herself to be a strong advocate for our needs. She has forged strong relationships with both parties.

We would be foolish to let the lies of die-hard Democrat partisans confuse us about this excellent public servant. Cathy’s priorities are the priorities of Eastern Washington.

Patrick Kennedy

Walla Walla


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