Use octopus to promote Walla Walla


I think I have a perfect plan for saving the octopus.

Since it is so well known, why not use it to promote the toy store as well as the entire city of Walla Walla.

It could sit on a bicycle for the bicycle races, one tentacle holding a basketball for Peach Basket Classic, another holding bottle and glass of wine for the wine industry, another holding a basket of fruit and vegetables for the Farmers’ Market and another holding a shaft of wheat and stalk of corn for area farmers.

The other tentacles could also be filled.

If this doesn’t work and the octopus must swim off into the unknown, I hope it takes that ugly yellow door with it.

Donice Grimes

Walla Walla


oneStarman 3 years ago

NICE - I Like the Idea of an Octopus holding Glasses of Wine Too.


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