The 'takers' versus the 'makers


As evidenced by this last election, the "takers" in our society have taken control of the political process and will likely do so for many, many years, if not forever. They have found they can vote themselves many benefits from the public coffers by simply voting for the candidates, or party, that offers them the most.

The "makers" will soon realize that being a "maker" is not beneficial as the taxes they must pay to subsidize the "takers" are unbearable and that they have to work to receive the same benefits as the "takers." This will, in the long run, turn the "makers" into "takers" and ruin their determination to work hard to get ahead. Therefore, the American Dream will die!

The America that has been the shining beacon on the hill for so many people in this world, who have wanted to come here, will learn that America has turned from capitalism to socialism and the land of opportunity will be no more. We are nearly there now with this election.

Robert Jackson

Walla Walla


marketinsider 3 years ago

On October 19 there were 74,000 news stories that showed up on Google when you searched "fiscal cliff" (and most likely, most of them were not from the mainstream media and may have not even been from the U.S.). Today there are 6,000,000. Yes, 6 million. The politicians and the media did an outstanding job of keeping the most important issue out of the election, and of course, American voters went along with it. Unfortunately, as this editorial points out, the takers are gaining control and the makers losing. The only problem with that is who's going to pay the bills? The President's only solution is to tax the rich. We borrow $1.2 trillion a year to pay our bills, taxing the rich according to the CBO will only raise $60-80 billion a year. Where is the other $1,100 billion going to come from, why or course, the same place it did before: The U.S. government bond market. The bond market can't handle much more of these trillion dollar loans, and when investors say no more, it is going to hurt everyone, and especially those who have no savings and depend on some kind of government check. Americans are literally at the point where they feel that they can borrow money forever, most Americans are in for a rude awakening before 2016. And I say before 2016, because most Americans feel that no matter what the National Debt is, it is no big deal, we can always vote in a new politician who will come to the rescue. But, since the debt is already so huge, there is no way the bond market can come up with another $6-8 trillion for Obama to give away. The above editorial says that our current state may go on forever, I'll bet it doesn't last another 4 years. I almost forgot, all we need to do is raise the debt ceiling again, heck, we have already raised the debt ceiling over 70 times since the Sixties, why can't it work one more time.


mufbridge 3 years ago

So right, the majority of the voters do not know wat is really going on because they listen to nothing or they listen to the liberal media.


oneStarman 3 years ago

If you look at the MATH then you see that RED States are TAKERS of Federal Money while the BLUE STATES are the MAKERS who live in the CIVILIZED parts of the Country


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