Funds raised, goat kissed, pies thrown ...

In other words, the Green Park Math-a-thon – the schoolwide math test pledge drive that pays for a variety of programs – was a success.



Green Park Elementary School Principal Mike Lambert makes good on his promise to smooch a goat if students met a fund-raising goal. Students far surpassed their $12,500 goal, raising $16,000 for a variety of programs at the school

WALLA WALLA -- Green Park Elementary School Principal Mike Lambert kept his promise to kiss a goat if students reached their goal of raising $12,500 for their school.

Green Park students, in fact, surpassed their goal and raised more than $16,000 through their annual "Math-a-thon" fundraiser.

The fundraiser started Oct. 22 and concluded Friday with an all-school assembly.

During the assembly Lambert kissed a goat, and several staff members took pies to their faces by students, in a mark of celebration and appreciation for the students' hard work.

The Green Park Math-a-thon has been a tradition at the school the last several years, and is the school's main fundraiser.

Students were encouraged to reach out to family, friends, neighbors and community members for pledges or sponsorships.

During the Math-a-thon, all Green Park students take a grade-approriate math exam. Kindergarteners and first-graders can score up to 50 points, while students in older grades can score up to 100, explained Leah Maldonado, a Green Park parent and PTA member. Students could either receive flat donations from sponsors, or pledges for each correct answer on their exam.

Students took their math exams either Oct. 26 or 29, and graded exams were returned by Nov. 1. Students then had until Nov. 8 to turn in their pledges and donations.

Maldonado said funds from the Math-a-thon support a variety of school programs, including its Art Reflections and Science Celebration programs; the Accelerated Reader program; and collaborations with Missoula Children's Theatre. Funds also help buy classroom supplies and books, and support family events and the school's annual carnival.

"We want to say thank you to staff, teachers, families, neighbors and community members," Maldonado wrote in an email. "This is a lot of money that will benefit the students and teachers."


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