Muslim Brotherhood linked to new protests in Jordan


AMMAN, Jordan — Security officials in Jordan blamed the ongoing protests and work stoppages in part on the country’s Muslim Brotherhood, accusing leaders of the religious movement of cynically exploiting discontent over higher prices.

“This was not spontaneous,” said a government security official, insisting on anonymity in discussing internal assessments about the protests. “The Muslim Brother had a plan and they were well-organized. For them, it is a gift from heaven.”

Government officials in interviews acknowledged the deteriorating national mood, and noted that the unrest had presented an opening to Islamists who would like to see the country’s pro-Western government overturned.

“They [the Islamists] are exploiting a sensitive issue,” the government security official said, “and they are managing to convince some people.”

The Muslim Brotherhood, Jordan’s largest opposition group, called for a massive rally late today joining Arab nationalists, Marxist and Communist groups, youth movements and professionals.


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