The big-city president


Annie Capestany's letter to the editor congratulated Americans for passing gay marriage, and another four years of a lousy economy.

She sounded like she was apologizing for the high unemployment, economic uncertainty and little chance of getting a good job after you get out of college.

After all, what's more important? The ability to marry someone of the same sex, or being able to support yourself? And I almost forgot that all of this really doesn't matter because you can sit on your front porch, smoke pot with no fear of the law, get stoned and praise President Obama for all your comforts that someone else is paying for.

Obama won the majority of the people, not the majority of the country. He was elected by the people who live in the big cities, not the rest of the country. After all, where do you think most of the people living off of government handouts live? That's right, the big cities! Remember, I said most, not all.

One more thing I have to thank this president for -- Obamacare, and the promise of affordable health care. I was just notified that my medical insurance will go up $98 a month for my wife and me on a fixed income. I hope no one person feels as blessed as me.

Affordable Health Care Act? Yeah, sure.

Dan R. Clark

Walla Walla


Iopine 3 years ago

I totally agreee Mr. Clark - this election only created the lack of moral integrity!


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