Pastor's column proper response to election


May God be merciful unto us sinners just as the prophets of old have warned us to pray for wisdom. Pastor Jon Van Vogt's message that appeared in Nov. 11 U-B is the only proper response to our nation's election. We are invited to join him in praying Psalm 67.

America has spoken. However, America has forgotten the God of freedom who brings reconciliation among ourselves who worship Him but have fallen away to deny seeking his wisdom to obey.

Over the past three years I've been inspired to worship the Lord by visiting over 25 different worshiping bodies in our Valley and as far flung as Seattle and Tucson. In summation I lost an enormous amount of prejudice.

Prejudice binds and blinds people like me from seeing things clearly as they really are. In my blind state I see events as my biases dictate -- in my comfort zone as a nominal Christian justifying the wrong with a presumption of "so what?" I am only one. What can I do? I become content to leave the world's problems to others who are smarter than me -- thinking less of myself when I should have lived thinking of myself less and more of others and my country.

Hopefully my attitude has changed a little bit by encouraging the reading or rereading of Van Vogt's essay so to make Psalm 67 a daily plea on our lips to do the right thing in seeking God and His righteousness to meet all our needs rather than our greeds through man's politically correct promises.

This is modern madness in not doing something to change ourselves and be different first instead of waiting for the other fellow, who we hate or don't care for, to change. Being well informed about the evolution of wickedness can help motivate us to learn what's right rather than who's right and not leave it all up to others.

DVD documentaries such as "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed," "Agenda: Grinding America Down," and "Obama's America: 2016" are great informational tools to focus the need for wisdom for my change, as a Gospel believer, that the God of Creation loves us.

Phillip Monfort



mtnthc 3 years ago

I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours - Stephen Roberts


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