Grocery to offer guests a slice of the action


Salumiere Cesario is preparing for its post-Thanksgiving Parmigiano event.

Downtown Walla Walla’s gourmet grocery is planning its sixth annual Parmigiano Reggiano wheel-cutting Saturday at noon at the shop, 12 E. Main St.

The wheel will be broken down during the in-store event and sold at special prices Saturday only. Tastes will be avilable for everyone in attendance. Over the past five years, the business has sold more than 40 pounds in the first hour of the event.

This year’s featured cheese is the Cravero, a Parmigiano first brought in five years ago. A wheel like this is more rare than ever, store operators say, because of the earthquake in Italy last May that damaged so many wheels of Parmigiano.

This particular cheese is made at the Latteria “Della Croce di Bendello” in the Pavullo ne Frignano village in the Apennine hills in the province of Modena, Italy, Salumiere owners Damon and Colby Burke said in their announcement. Cheeses are matured in Modena for 13 months. During that period, Giorgio Cravero chooses the best wheels to be transferred to his own cheese-maturing facility in the town of Bra in the Piedmont region of Italy. Those selected stay until they reach 24 months of age. For more details on the event, call 529-5620.


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