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Moss does not grow between this group’s toes.

In the interest of conserving pheasants, quail and other wildlife, Pheasants Forever members improve local habitats, raise public awareness through education and are involved in land management policies and programs.

And with this focus, 11 members of Blue Mountain Chapter 258 PF planted 284 trees and shrubs Nov. 10 at an area on Prater Road, using a mix of rose, juniper, bitterbrush and sumac, said Larry Boe, habitat chairman, in a release.

President Jim Sonne kept the group fueled with pastries and coffee during the two-hour planting session.

Doing the grunt work were Larry, Jim, Jeff Jenkins, Mike Davis, John Houston, Doug McKay, Duane Wilson, Joel Petty, John Laib, Dawn Davis and Carl Bisgard. The site’s owner plans to plant 100 big sage over the next two weeks.

Grass seed is on order for sites at Walla Walla Community College and Prater Road. These perennial grasses are intended as nesting cover, Larry said. But because of soil conditions, the sites may not get seeded until February.

The Sand Pit Road site scheduled for a fall project is on hold until spring.

They’ll plant an additional mix of 200 or so rose, sumac and bitterbrush shrubs this fall as replacements on previously planted sites. Most of the losses appear to be rodent caused, Larry said.

A 500-gallon guzzler and associated parts have been delivered to the Woodward Canyon site and will be assembled and installed sometime this month.

Members hold several benefits, including a raffle and banquet each year, to fund these projects. The group’s website indicates current officers include co-vice presidents Eric Tonn and Mike Davis; Carl Bisgard, secretary; Gene Weinmaster, youth/education chairman; Al Aplass, treasurer; and Tina Tonn, publicist. The position for banquet chairman is open.

For more details, contact Jim at .

Students involved in the Walla Walla High School Latino Club recently made a $200 donation to the American Red Cross Blue Mountain Chapter in support of its efforts to aid victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Jerry Cummings, local chapter executive director, thanked club members while visiting with the group on Nov. 15.

He told them the need for relief funding will be ongoing for many months as the storm that hit the Northeast is one of the biggest disasters to hit the United States in the past 20 years. Damages exceed those of Hurricane Katrina, he said.

Red Cross currently has 8,000 volunteers serving in the storm area, including five from the Walla Walla Valley. Funding and cash donations are still needed to maintain the Red Cross’s efforts to help with its relief efforts.

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