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Featured books will be available for the public today.

They can also be placed on hold online at or call the library for assistance at 527-4550.

Featured books include:


"The Grievers," by Marc Schuster

When Charley Schwartz learns that an old high school pal has killed himself, he agrees to help his alma mater organize a memorial service to honor him. Soon, however, devastation turns to disgust as Charley discovers that his friend's passing means less to the school than the bottom line. As the memorial service quickly degenerates into a fundraising fiasco, Charley must also deal with a host of other quandaries including a dead-end job as an anthropomorphic dollar sign, his best friend's imminent move to Maryland, an intervention with a drug-addled megalomaniac, and his own ongoing crusade to enforce the proper use of apostrophes among the proprietors of local dining establishments.

"Homesick," by Roshi Fernando

At Victor and Nandini'as home in southeast London, the New Year's Eve celebration is under way. Everyone is gathered around clinking glasses of arrack and whisky, eating freshly fried poppadoms, listening to baila music, waiting to ring in 1983. Upstairs, The Godfather is playing on repeat for a bedroom filled with teenagers drunk on pilfered wine. In the middle of it all is 16-year-old Preethi, tipsy on youth, friendship, and covert cigarettes, desperate to belong. As Preethi moves through her life, befriending the local outcast, revealing her brother's deepest secret, struggling with her own unhappiness and through a souring marriage, this desire for acceptance remains the one constant, both for her and for everyone she knows.


"Home is a Roof Over a Pig: An American Family's Journey in China," by Aminta Arrington

When Aminta Arrington moves from suburban Georgia to a small town in China, she brings along her Army husband and three young children, including an adopted Chinese daughter. In Tai'an, a small city where pigs' hooves are available at the local supermarket, donkeys share the road with cars, and the warm-hearted locals welcome this strange-looking foreign family, the family is bewildered by the seemingly endless cultural differences they face. Their story will interest anyone who is thinking of adopting, raising children abroad, being immersed in a foreign culture, or anyone already familiar with these experiences.

"Superman: The High-Flying History of America's Most Enduring Hero," by Larry Tye

75 years after he came to life, Superman remains one of America's most adored and enduring heroes. Journalist Larry Tye has written the first full-fledged history of the Man of Steel, including the creators, designers, owners, and performers who made him the icon he is today. Behind the legend is a true saga every bit as compelling. During the depths of the Great Depression, Jerry Siegel was a shy, awkward teenager who dreamed of a hero for a boy and a world that desperately needed one. Siegel and his neighborhood pal Joe Shuster conjured a human-sized god who was everything they yearned to be. This is also the history of their lifelong struggle for the recognition and rewards rightly due to them.


"Astray," by Emma Donoghue; "Not My Blood: A Joe Sandilands Murder Mystery," by Barbara Cleverly; "The Fresh Egg Cookbook: From Chicken to Kitchen," by Jennifer Trainer Thompson; "The Golden Hat: Talking Back to Autism," by Kate Winslet.


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