Numbers show why Obama couldn't lose


Awash in voter statistics, the results of the election now appear to be pre-ordained.

With 96 percent of the black vote for Obama, that makes sense because after 223 years of “white” office holders, it was time for one of “ours” to serve.

With 72 percent of the Hispanic vote for the incumbent, it reflected his solo enactment of the “Dream Act.”

With 72 percent of the Jewish vote coming on the heels of the president’s stiffing of Israel, there’s no understandable reason.

The younger folk supported Obama because a vote for Romney was kinda like voting for your father or grandfather. Barack was one of the “Choom” gang. One more likely to be laid back and enjoy life/joint with you than with a dad who would be scolding you for using weed and encouraging you to get a job and make something of yourself. Both Washington state and Colorado proved by voting that use of marijuana is cool. And Obama is the epitome of cool.

Tom Baker



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