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Local column contributors

The Walla Walla Conservation District, monthly on local water issues; Marty Scott, twice a month on astronomy and the exploration of Mars; Steve Luckstead, monthly on science; Don Fleming, monthly on digital photography; Walla Walla Community College, quarterly on education and community development; Whitman College, quarterly, on Whitman College developments; Dr. Larry Mulkerin, twice a month on medical trends; Dr. Eric Gustavsen, monthly on dentistry; Dr. Don Casebolt, weekly on medical and dietary advice; Kathy Ketcham, twice a month on anti-drug awareness; Mike Denny, monthly on local fauna and flora; Robby Robbins, monthly on darts; Terry Martin, monthly on archery; Jeff Popick, weekly on Valley weather with a wine ag focus; Ernie Jones, monthly on living with disability (blindness); Melissa Davis, twice a month on food and cooking; E. Kirsten Peters, twice a month on sciences and social results/applications; Noah Hinz, twice a month on computer and board game reviews; John Hartzell, monthly on legal advice; Jenny Lemma, monthly on philosophy in day-to-day life; and Virginia Detweiler, weekly on business human resources.

Detweiler also joins a group of writers who contribute their expertise to Business Monthly. These include David A. Tucker on IRS/tax information for businesses; Delona Lang Bell on business communications; and Courtney Harris on business sales and marketing.

The quarterly publication Family Forum relies on the contributions of Beth Swanson, Megan Blair-Cabasco, Laura Kyle, Jennifer Northam, Jentzen Mooney, pediatrician Dr. Trent Rogers and members of the Early Learning Coalition. There is also a weekly contribution concerning religion that appears in the Sunday newspaper.

Weather is something that everyone talks about, but there isn’t anything they can do about it. The Union-Bulletin is also something everyone talks about, but there are things you can do to help make it better.

One of the ways you can become involved is to write a column about something in which you have expertise. This provides additional local coverage of an area that is important to you.

The U-B has greatly expanded this area of coverage over the last year or two. Check out the list included here of people who are providing their expertise for our readers on a semi-regular basis of anywhere from weekly to monthly to quarterly. There are many others who contribute on a less regular basis.

We appreciate all these people do to help expand the scope of the Union-Bulletin’s coverage. But there are still many areas that could be added to this list.

For example, bicycling, running, bowling, golf, collectibles and antiques, music, art, technology, pets and animals, and do-it-yourself projects. The possibilities go on and on.

If you have expertise in an area you would like to share, please contact me.

Another way you can become involved is to volunteer for the Union-Bulletin’s Community Council.

This group of 12-15 individuals meets from 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. on the second Tuesday of the month from February through October. So you would be making a nine-month commitment of one meeting per month. At the end of the nine months, we form a new group.

The meetings are an opportunity for community members to share what they think and what they have heard — good and bad — about the Union-Bulletin.

We try to get a broad cross-section of the community so we can hear all viewpoints. Each meeting starts with an open forum in which members can talk about anything they want.

There are times when U-B management will pose specific questions to the group.

The Union-Bulletin is represented at these meetings by Publisher Rob Blethen and me. Other department managers and key employees — including the circulation director, advertising director, chief photographer, city editor, editorial page editor, sports editor and web content editor — will be invited during the course of the year, and they will give presentations on their areas as part of the meeting.

The members of the most recent council included: Annie Capestany, Harold Cochran, Linda Eki, Jane Ellen Innes, Cyndy Knight, Neil L’Hammedieu, Kathleen Obenland, Ed Reading, Myron Wallmow, Dan Willms and Sara Wyman. The facilitator for the group was Pedrito Maynard-Reid. Feel free to contact them for their perspective on the value of these meetings.

We appreciate the efforts of the council members as they provided us with valuable feedback. The latest group was involved in discussions — among other things — on changes to calendars and the newly designed website. These members are among the hundreds of local residents who have served on this council over the last more than 30 years.

If you are interested in being part of the next council, please send me your name, age, length of time in the area and a brief overview of your employment background. The overview doesn’t need to be lengthy, but we try to make sure we don’t end up with a council that is, for example, all middle-aged businessmen or all retired teachers.

You can email your information to me at rickdoyle@wwub.com, mail it to PO Box 1358 or call 526-8306.

If it turns out there isn’t room for you this time, we will keep your information on file and may contact you for a future council.

We hope you will take advantage of one or both of these opportunities to help us do a better job of serving the community.


marketinsider 3 years ago

You may want to consider finding someone to write about money. Just as an example, I would bet that virtually everyone of your readers cares about money and if they were asked a few questions like which stock market performed the best in the last ten years Mexico or the US, what is fiscal policy, what is monetary policy, are they at maximum stimulus level, or minimum, what happens with fiscal and monetary policies when the next recession comes, what is going to keep the US from going from recession to depression if fiscal and monetary policies are already at maximum stimulus level, is the US Treasury market in a 30 year bull market, what does that mean to investors, why is the housing market improving, could it be that the Federal Reserve is buying $40 billion in MBS each month due to its last QE program, what's QE mean, how much does the FDIC have in reserves, how much does the FDIC insure, what will happen to all the outstanding bonds when the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, the US borrows $1.3 trillion every year and who is really loaning us the money....that if you asked them about any of these issues the vast majority would be as lost as a duck in the desert. If the U-B had stories about these issues, nobody who reads the U-B could say they were not warned about the current fiscal condition of the US. However, if the U-B continues to just regurgitate what the mainstream press publishes, its readers, like I said before will be as lost as a duck in the desert with regard to a very important thing, MONEY.


Iopine 3 years ago

The U-B might journey away from the liberal AP editorials and get to a center Reuters than the talking points of the Left rehetoric.


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