Iran says military attack won't end its nuclear work


VIENNA — A military attack wouldn’t stop Iran’s nuclear work and may prompt the Persian Gulf nation to exit the treaty that compels atomic inspections, said Iranian diplomat Ali Asghar Soltanieh.

Iran “can easily replace damaged facilities,” Soltanieh said in a 30-minute speech to the International Atomic Energy Agency today in Vienna. An attack may “stop the agency inspections” and force the country to “withdraw from the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.”

IAEA inspectors have been investigating Iran’s alleged nuclear-weapons program for a decade. While the Islamic Republic, which denies it is seeking an atomic bomb, allows the agency access to declared nuclear facilities, it has barred inspectors from some sites suspected of atomic work.

Soltanieh presented 50 grievances at the IAEA’s quarterly board of governors meeting and accused the United Nations agency of pursuing a U.S.-led agenda.


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