Trial date set in Walla Walla drive-by


WALLA WALLA — A man charged with being involved in a drive-by shooting last month in the 1100 block of West Cherry Street is set for trial Nov. 27 in Walla Walla County Superior Court.

Eric A. Nordman, 27, pleaded innocent Monday afternoon to four counts of first-degree assault and one count of drive-by shooting.

Police believe Nordman was in a Toyota Camry with another person as it drove by 1140 W. Cherry St. about 11:35 p.m. Sept. 13. At least nine shots were fired from the vehicle. A victim told police Nordman likely was the driver, with the passenger of the vehicle actually firing the shots.

Three people outside the residence were wounded.

Jesse Castillo, 21, suffered wounds to his left arm and both legs, according to a police report filed in court. Nelson B. Zuniga, 22, was hit in his left arm. Both are reportedly gang members and live at the residence.

A third victim, Myra Urincho, 21, later was found to have suffered an injury to her buttocks.

Witnesses said a small, metallic-colored car had driven by the area once, then returned and the shots were fired.

Seven spent casings — commonly fired from an SKS- or AK47-style assault rifle — were found at the scene.

One bullet that entered the residence next door at 1144 W. Cherry St. struck a hide-a-bed couch on which 98-year-old Raul Madrigal Corona was sleeping, the police report says. He wasn’t injured.

Police were told the shooting occurred after Nordman had been giving Urincho problems. Castillo reportedly challenged Nordman to fight, but he refused.

When Castillo was shot, he saw the passenger of the vehicle leaning across the driver, whom he identified as Nordman, according to the police report. Castillo told officials the passenger was the one who fired.

Nordman, of 51455 Highway 332, Milton-Freewater, was arrested Sept. 19 in Waitsburg. Bail later was set at $250,000.

No further arrests have been made.

Nordman also is awaiting trial next month on a charge of attempted burglary for allegedly planning to break into storage units at the Veterans Memorial Golf Course in early April.


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