Maureen Walsh deserves to be re-elected

Walsh has the experience and knowledge needed to represent the 16th Legislative District.


State Rep. Maureen Walsh brings a pragmatic approach, compassion and tenacity to her job as a state legislator. As a result, Walsh gets things done and serves her constituents well.

We urge voters to re-elect her to represent the 16th Legislative District for another two years.

Walsh, R-College Place, is being challenged by Mary Ruth Edward, R-Prosser.

Edwards is enthusiastic about serving in the Legislature, but she is not prepared for the job. She has no experience in public service. Her knowledge of state government and the legislative process is shallow.

She would certainly be able to grasp the concepts, but it would take considerable time.

Walsh already has vast experience. She is now in her eighth year in the House. Prior to being elected, Walsh worked as a legislative assistant for then-Rep. Dave Mastin.

Walsh understands the culture in Olympia and state government at all levels. This helps her get results.

Walsh works on behalf of all the people of Southeastern Washington. She looks out for the economic interests of individuals who live in the district.

If folks are experiencing problems or have concerns with state government, Walsh makes calls on their behalf and isn’t afraid to (figuratively speaking) knock a few heads. Walsh takes her role as a public servant seriously.

Walsh is a political moderate who is passionate about early childhood education. She’s fiscally conservative and is willing to speak up when she learns of government waste or incompetence.

Walsh is more socially liberal than most Republicans and irked social conservatives last year when she took a strong stand in favor of gay marriage. Walsh, long a supporter of gay rights, continues to believe she took the right stand. We agree and have supported her position.

Edwards said Walsh’s gay marriage stand is a major reason she entered the race. Edward’s view is sincere and it is a view shared by many in this district.

However, electing a representative to the state House should not be based solely on a single issue. The Legislature deals with an array of complex issues from education to law enforcement to providing social services and medical care.

Walsh has done an outstanding job and continues to get better as a lawmaker year after year. Her experience and wisdom are what the 16th District needs in Olympia.

We urge voters to re-elect Maureen Walsh to a fifth term.


wallawallabob 3 years, 1 month ago

Enough already about what adults shall be allowed to do! They are adults! With our future in mind and our children's future at stake, I feel that we shall move toward legislation that will put parents in the lives of their children, rather that the difficult divorce laws that are now on the books! Now it is a winner take all, the parents and children loose and the lawyers are the only ones that win by keeping the family law courts busy and reaping paychecks. I feel that the family law system shall be over seen by family professionals, rather than lawyers and judges that are not educated in what is really "in the best interest of children". Litigation only provides a paycheck! We need to attach parents, at birth, at the hospital, with their children and move in the direction of child support from birth, maybe both parents will want to be a part of their children's lives when they become financially attached. This may lower the rate of parents dependent on our states welfare system. If the parents are not married, the state will know who the parents are so that state benefits are not being paid for children that are of a so called "single parent". Its all about accountability. Also, keep in mind that our state prisons here in Walla Walla and over in Purdy are full of children that had little or no contact with their parents. The data is there! Maureen, Please forward this to Senator Hewitt so I don't have to type it again, and I will be down to talk to you again in Olympia when the session starts. Thanks, Bob


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