Mauren Walsh fights for freedom


Too often we take for granted those important people who help us daily until we lose them. I will be voting for Rep. Maureen Walsh as her loss would be a major regret for the whole state.

One of my best voting choices has been Maureen. Honest, fair, strong, principled -- and now she also rightly supports Referendum 74, which would uphold the state's approval of gay marriage.

The contractual agreement of marriage is a declaration of intent and commitment. Marriage also reminds us we need to foster our commitment and protects us legally in the court of law. R-74 opens the door to all people.

The spiritual marriage is not affected because it is impossible to legislate things of the spirit.

We are emotional beings and we feel the way we feel. Sometimes it's outside factors in our environment but mostly it's inside that directs how we feel. Passing R-74 will take away a lot of icky feelings.

To be blamed, to be turned away and denied, to be left outside looking in because of having been born with the wrong color of skin, poor parents and the wrong accent or looking weird with physical defects. To have been born with feelings to form a family relationship with another person of the same sex. We are born without prior choice or control of how we look and how our hormones function.

How do some of us get to be so mean to one another?

R-74 will not stop some people's stinking thinking but passage will give a clear message that we are to treat one another fairly without hurtful discrimination.

Had I been a slave from Africa I would have been grateful to Maureen as she would have fought for my freedom.

I will be voting for two freedom fighters -- Maureen Walsh and R-74.

Jean Dolling

Walla Walla


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