Silent majority needs to vote


We are at a point in the life of America when we have to get out and vote. This is the most important election we will be asked to participate in in more than 100 years. This vote will tell us where America is going.

We, the silent majority, have got to get off our duffs and vote. Our country is on the edge and if the Obama administration is voted in for another four years, we will go over that edge. We will not recognize our country in four years.

President Reagan said that freedom once lost is never regained, or words to that effect. If we lose our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution we are lost.

Please vote, and vote the Bible. The Bible and our unalienable rights are given to us by God, not the government. Government, whether it is local, state or federal, is too big. The various governments want to control everything we do, say or buy. Government wants to make our country a nanny state, giving us what it thinks we need or deserve.

We are not supposed to say anything against Islam (terrorists), but they can kill Christians and burn churches without reprisals, and Obama will apologize to them.

The media represents and only reports what enhances this administration's agenda. The news reported on Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan is normally negative and disrespectful or worst, edited to reflect lies and distortions as needed by this administration to show what it wants us to see.

We have a very clear choice in this election: To continue down this path of destruction of the United States or to put God and country back where it belongs which is "for the people."

Lydia Whipple

Walla Walla


tpeacock 3 years, 1 month ago

What is it that compels you people to continue the same tired lines regarding Obama? Our Country is not going off any cliffs regardless who the Pres is, you can't seem to quote one of your own and be certain you are spot on, and the rest of the same old worn out mantras regarding how Obama is giving us up to Islamists, trying to shred up the Military, apologizing to others for our Country, and on and on and on is so much malarkey. Honesty is the best policy, ALWAYS!!!!!! No matter how many times you repeat all of the same old garbage, the only ones that are truly convinced of the validity are you trumpeters of lies, mangled to your own view incidents, and all the rest of the bilge you come up with. After 8 years of Bush Jr, I think this Country has had enough of the war mongerers. I am a Vet w/ over 20 years service and am up for a good, just fight any day, but that doesn't include anythng we forced our way into in the past 10 years, and it certainly does not entail poking the Iran beehive with the sticks you war mongerers wish to.


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