Smaller government is needed


I'm a pretty average American voter. I want sustainable solutions to problems like the unsustainable, and so far unsolvable, national debt.

In a crisis such as this no class can be excluded, even seniors such as me. We are all Americans and are part of the problem. I hope to live long enough to be part of the solution.

One-size-fits-all big government lends itself to lots of fraud because nobody is accountable for the "other people's money" being spent. This money comes from all taxpayers who have no protection from the Congress's perpetual spending without consent.

When state governments have more power they produce a variety of solutions and the more successful ones flourish and spread to other states. Accountability is much easier to establish and big government has fewer "opportunities" to "invest" money its borrowing from China (supposedly to simply keep this government going).

A smaller federal government should cost less and Congress should have more opportunity to read any bill prior to passing it.

That looks like the best hope we have to hold Congress accountable. Then if the "Fourth Estate" would pursue the activities of Congress and its staff who really write the laws of thousands of pages with "pork" for every special interest, we might yet again be a land of opportunity rather than helpless dependence.

Patricia Ross

Walla Walla


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