Why is $3.95 magazine in Sunday paper?


As I opened the Sunday Walla Walla Union-Bulletin Sept. 30 I found yet another copy of the magazine Lifestyle. On the cover it states that if I were to purchase it, it would cost $3.95 per copy.

Why does the Union-Bulletin waste a vast amount of money putting this magazine in the Sunday newspaper? If I wanted a copy I would purchase it. I just throw it away.

It is a total waste of money for the Bulletin. If it did not put this in the paper for each person receiving the paper, look at the money saved and maybe our cost of the paper would go down.

This is just for the "wine" people, not me. I throw all of the ads in the garbage as well. If you don't have the money what good are the ads.

Just my thought about saving money for the cost of the Bulletin

R.T. Swanson

Walla Walla


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