Candidate not surprised by endorsement


The U-B’s endorsement of Jim Johnson is of no surprise whatsoever. During my meeting with the editorial board, its members were at times argumentative and other times did not show any interest in points I wanted to make.

I came out of that meeting with the feeling their minds were made up before I walked in the door.

In regard to the mall and my idea of building a hotel/casino on the site: I told the board from the very beginning that creating jobs in this county was my number one goal. If a hotel/casino COULD be built, imagine the construction jobs that would be created to build it. Then imagine the blue- and white-collar jobs created to run it. On top of it all, there would be a new source of property and tourism tax dollars created. The “out of the box” reference is toward my ideas for economic growth in Walla Walla County. Ideas that I don’t see proposed by anyone else.

In respect to the budget: My newly expanded seven-member budget committee would work with each department to review their budgets — line by line. If budget items are not needed in the coming year, then take them out. If they are, work to properly fund them. To me, it’s an efficient way to budget how the county will spend your taxpayer dollars.

To the editorial board: You would think I was creating a new accounting standard. I’m not sure how job creation and efficient budgeting are bad things, but the editorial board sure sees it that way.

In conclusion, I have but one request of the citizens of Walla Walla County — please vote. From the president down to county commissioner, this is an important election year and everyone should have a say in electing our leaders.

Mark Spinks

Walla Walla

Comments 3 years, 1 month ago

Unfortunately, Mr. Spinks, you do not know the scope of responsibilities of a county commissioner. Economic development is the responsibility of another elected board; i.e., the Port of Walla Walla.

County commissioners may certainly work in concert with the Port; e.g., make a property more amenable to development, partner as the county did on Highway 12 to make it easier to move products and in many other ways, but the Board of County Commissioners is NOT the lead economic development agency in the county.


DeadDawg 3 years, 1 month ago

I am a voter and a Casino is the last thing WW needs! Do you still live 'elsewhere' and of not how many months have you documented spending in WW in the last yr? Do you know the job of the BOCC is not to micromanage departments like the Port of WW and other county managers? What local debates have you attended? What is your financial management experience (like, Have you ever overseen a 3 million dollar budget)? You really want a "line by line" committee? So the committee will go through every line and fix the budget of MANAGERS hired to develop the budget?


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