U-B endorsements criticized


I wasn’t surprised to learn the U-B’s endorsement of Jim Johnson, Perry Dozier and Maureen Walsh. After all, the U-B rarely endorses anyone other than the incumbent.

But I continue to be disappointed with the U-B’s lack of fairness or actual reporting of the candidates’ strengths. The U-B indicated that Walsh’s opponent, Mary Ruth Edwards, had “no public service,” yet she is a public school teacher and served this country as a Marine.

The U-B criticized Mark Spinks for wanting to micromanage the budget, yet couldn’t have the arrest of former Undersheriff Carole Lepiane been avoided had the commissioners spent a little more time examining the budget and noticed that money was disappearing right before their eyes?

The U-B then acknowledged it will be getting a “full-time” commissioner with Johnson and completely disregarded that it will be getting that with Spinks and Chris Blackman. Rather, they point out that Blackman’s claim against Dozier is “misleading and unfair.” No it’s not.

It’s absolutely true. Dozier spends more time at home and with his farm than he does as a county commissioner. Those who serve on committees know that to be a very true statement.

The U-B has misled the people of Walla Walla County. Maybe this is its way to encourage readership in this “hot” race.

Maybe it doesn’t want to lose business with Dozier in his spending of thousands of dollars on advertising.

Don’t be fooled. Be an informed voter and let your vote be heard.

Tom Jones

Walla Walla


tinstar 3 years, 1 month ago

Mr Jones that is correct don't be fooled. You might want to check Chris Blackman out a little more. You will be shocked!!


pamray@charter.net 3 years, 1 month ago

YOU, Mr. Jones, clearly have been 'misled' by someone because Perry Dozier has served this county with integrity and a conscience over the past four years. By his own admission, there is a steep learning curve but he came into this position with a sound financial and economic background, qualities needed to administer the county.

At the beginning of each year, commissioners are assigned over twenty statutorily mandated committees/boards/task forces/councils/organizations/networks. In addition, they participate, when possible, on numerous advisory boards in an effort to keep abreast of issues relating to a specific department as well as meet with department heads and elected officials on a regular basis. It is physically impossible to attend every single meeting as conflicts arise on a regular basis.

When you speak of a full-time commissioner, how much more full time could a commissioner be than 24/7? "Full Time Commissioner" has been the 'buzz words' of county commissioner campaigns for decades and if YOU, Mr. Jones, were truly informed, you would know your statement isn't true.

Are your candidates qualifications so shallow that you have to attempt to discredit the opposition? Stooping to this level isn't very becoming and frankly, I think people are tired of negative campaigning ~ I know I am!


goldlizard 3 years, 1 month ago

Glenavon you are obviously a Perry campaign person. Listen... If anyone watched the debate last night it is painfully obvious who the right choice for this position is... Chris Blackman beat Perry like a drum at the debate. I'm tired of all the status quo and nothing getting done. Vote for Blackman and get something accomplished.


ImJustSayin 3 years, 1 month ago

"glenavon" is obviously on the Dozier campaign committee. Sounds to me like he protests a tad too much. Maybe he's concerned that District 1 voters are coming into play??


goldlizard 3 years, 1 month ago

IF anyone here watched the debate yesterday you would know that Chris Blackman beat Dozier like a drum. Vote Blackman if you want real change and not just the same ol... same ol...


huntinwr 3 years, 1 month ago

"After all, the U-B rarely endorses anyone other than the incumbent." - except when it comes to Rich Cowan over Cathy McMorris-Rodgers!


tinstar 3 years, 1 month ago

Goldlizard, it's obvious you have not a clue whats going on. Blackman is not the anwser. She has no finace experience other than balancing a checkbook or credit. The countly would be broke within 3 months if she had her way. Come on wake up out there.!


Iopine 3 years, 1 month ago

From the above comments and talking stuff - about all of this experience and full time work - obviously the County is not doing really good right now and having a hay day with spending raising taxes every time they wake up in the morning. I say get some new blood in there and give somebody a chance to get Walla Walla back on its feet.


DeadDawg 3 years, 1 month ago

Tip: Before you vote: Look for financial stability for jobs about budget management (unrelated to catastrophic family event), and do check to see of the candidates have been residents for say...the last 5 yrs. Candidates also need to have a good handle on the job they want to 'take on'. I am sorry, but micromanaging another elected MANAGER is not in the county commissioner job description or the voter's pamphlet.


pamray@charter.net 3 years, 1 month ago

Of course I am a Dozier supporter because he is clearly the most qualified. The county is in a better financial position than most counties in the state and the nation for that matter, due to fiscally sound decisions.

With all due respect for your service to our country NAMVET50, the county HAS NOT increased the county's portion of the property tax levy for three years.


wwguy7 3 years, 1 month ago

A little more digging shows that Chris Blackman had a large judgment against her a few years ago. This is public knowledge. Also, doesn't anybody see a small conflict of interest with her husband being a part of the SO?


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