Corporate worker changes careers after child care beckons


The owner of a new child-care center in Walla Walla has left her corporate work for kids.

Becky Donovan has opened a small in-home center called Becky’s Daycare.

The business recently opened at 655 Cardinal Drive. Donovan is licensed for children from newborns to 12 years old. She has limited her enrollment to six children.

Her new venture marks a change from careers that have included advertising sales and working as a legal assistant. But it is likely no surprise to those who know her well, she said. She and her husband, Kevin, are past foster parents and have an adult child. Donovan started babysitting early on as a girl and continued through middle school, including at a local preschool and with children with developmental disabilities.

Opening a day care is the realization of a longtime dream, she said. Donovan took early childhood development courses on her way to fulfilling her mission.

The center includes play areas for dress-up, tools, cooking and much more. Donovan said she has two chalkboards, blocks, puzzles, stuffed animals, dolls, push and pull toys, musical instruments and what she refers to as the “dramatic play area,” where children can play with dolls from a multitude of cultures and role-play to learn and conquer fears (think along the lines of going to the dentist). Plenty of toys are also available for outdoor exploration in a safe environment.

“I am so excited about my new adventure in life and honored to have the opportunity to share in the dreams and memories of the children in our beautiful community,” Donovan said in a prepared statement. “My love for children is finally becoming a dream come true.”

Hours of operation at Becky’s Daycare are 7:30 a.m.-5:15 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more details, call 520-3689 or email


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